5 main colours- white, yellow, red, green blue. We make other colours on request such as orange, black, and silver.

Any rough, smooth, wet, dry, greasy, or oily surface. The product has been used on steel and metal surfaces, rubber, plastic, glass, paper, cardboard, wood, concrete, bricks, rock, marble, granite, and fabrics.Permanent Marker Colours

Raw materials, parts, components, indoor as well as outdoor equipment, steel, shelving, bags, sports equipment, scuba gear, scaffolding, boxes, tyres, mud flaps.

Permanent Marker for Plastic

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Depending on the amount of paint you dispense, anywhere from 20 seconds up to a minute.

The mark is weather proof, fade proof, rust free, and mostly chip proof.

On completely smooth non-porous surfaces – Yes. On any surface that is not completely smooth or non-porous – No. For further information, please read the answer to the following question. To clarify – where the product can permeate into the surface in any way, paint remover will not be able to remove the mark.

This depends on the nature of the surface that you apply the marking solution to. If the surface is smooth and non-porous like stainless steel, the paint can be removed, by using a blade for example. If the surface is rough and porous in any way (the paint can permeate into the surface), like a rusted metal surface or concrete, the product will ‘bleed’ into the medium and will remain there even after you have attempted to remove it.

Permanent Markers for Bricks

No-as long as the surface is completely smooth. If removed with a razor blade, the product should not ‘ghost’ on this surface.

Permanent Marker for Glass

No, this is a permanent paint based marking product.

Permanent Marker for Tools

Yes. It can write under water and the mark will permanently last in both fresh and salt water environments.

Permanent Marker for Equipment

Rilbex Surface Chart