This product is referred to as any of the following

  • Permanent Industrial Paint marker
  • Metal Marker
  • Steel Marker
  • Permanent Marking Pen
  • Marking Paint
  • Paint for Steel
  • Fabric Marker

We like to call the Rilbex product a High Performance Permanent Industrial Paint Marker that can permanently mark on almost any surface, rough or smooth, greasy, dry or wet.

The Rilbex Paint Markers are manufactured in a durable toothpaste styled 50ml aluminium tube that dispenses permanent marking paint using press activated non-clogging ball point technology, and a durable precision stainless steel ball tip.

Simply stated, this is a toothpaste styled tube that marks paint through a press activated ball point tip.

It is designed and manufactured to meet the most difficult industrial marking applications.

Some major product characteristics are as follows

  • Quick drying industrial marker
  • In a 50 ml Aluminium tube (contains NO lead)
  • Steel, non-rusting nozzle containing durable steel ball tip.
  • The steel ball is 2,5 mm diameter.
  • Plastic cap.
  • Drying time. Less than 90 seconds.
  • Colours. White, yellow, red, blue, green
  • The “paint” is not toxic and contains no lead, sulphur, zinc, cadmium, mercury chlorine or other halogens.
  • The pigmentation of certain colorants may contain microscopic traces of chrome.
  • Writing Capacity. Approximately 300 metres.
  • Shelf Life. Several years.
  • Temperature range: -45°C to 60°C
  • Weight: 732 grams per box of 10 markers.
  • Product can be conveniently carried in your pocket or toolbox
  • Applicable surfaces. All metals, wood, plastic, glass, concrete, cardboard, lumber, paper, ceramics, rubber, leather, oil based materials, underwater, rusted, textiles etc. Rough and smooth, greasy, dry and wet surfaces.
  • Marks are permanent and will not, peel, fade, or rub-off. They withstand heat and weathering under adverse conditions


Weights and dimensions for various packing configurations of the Rilbex Marker are as follows.


The Marking Pens are packed in boxes of 10 units per box and 1 colour per box. Outer boxes are double walled boxes, and are suitable for courier, road transport, sea freight, air freight, and export.

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