Not all marking pens are born equal when it comes to heat resistance.
Some markers can write on hot surfaces but may not be resistant to high
temperature and harsh environments like kilns or ovens.

Industrial heat resistant markers should withstand enduring temperatures of over 1000 o C. These paints can resist heat, flames, grease, rust and smoke, which make them ideal for specific applications. These high temperature specialty paint markers are formulated for non-porous surfaces.

  • The marks are permanent and become fused.
  • They work well for marking or coding steel, ceramics and glass when
    they are glazed, baked or fired.
  • These markers are also suitable for boilers, fireplaces, grills, steam
    pipes, stoves, chimneys, fans, and vehicle transmission and exhaust
  • The Rilbex Industrial marker is a heat resistant maker.

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