The Rilbex range of permanent marking pens are ideal to use as permanent markers for dusty surfaces. The permanent marker will work on almost all dusty surfaces and will remain visible under any conditions. It is not required to clean the surface or remove the dust before using the marker. The permanent paint marker works effectively and is extremely difficult and virtually impossible to remove.

Marking your assets with the Rilbex permanent marking pen is cheap, quick, and easy.

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Permanent Marker for Equipment

Permanent Paint Markers for Dusty Surfaces

Any factory or working area is prone to dust collecting on the equipment and stock. Marking these parts with a permanent marker has been problematic as everything has to be cleaned properly or the marking will be easy to remove.

The Rilbex permanent paint marker has overcome these problems with advanced paint technology that will allow you to permanently mark equipment and goods without the need to clean it first.

Furthermore the marking will remain visible and is extremely difficult and virtually impossible to remove.

Permanent Marker For Steel