With the Rilbex range of permanent marking pens are ideal to use as permanent markers for plastic. The permanent marker will work on most plastic surfaces domestic and industrial. Plastic storage bins and household dustbins can easily be marked with the permanent paint marker. Ir is not required to clean the surfaces before using the marker. The permanent marking pen works effectively on almost all surfaces and is extremely difficult and virtually impossible to remove.

Marking your assets with the Rilbex permanent marking pen is cheap, quick, and easy.

Permanent Marker for Plastic

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Using Permanent markers to mark plastic

It is no secret that permanent markers have been in existence for quite a long time. As the years have passed, individuals have found all sorts of methods to set these useful marking pens to good use. The Rilbex permanent marking pen is used on industrial and household plastic surfaces.

There are many different types of plastic holders which is being used by industry on a daily basis. Just think of the multitudes of dustbins that you see driving down a road. With the Rilbex Permanent marker for plastic and other surfaces this is quick and easy to do.

Permanent Marker for Plastic