The Rilbex range of permanent marking pens are ideal to use as permanent markers for tyres. The permanent marker will work on all tyres and will remain visible under any conditions.  If you own a tyre fitment centre or scrap yard it is the ideal way to ensure the tyres and tyre casings remain where they should. It is not required to clean the surface before using the marker. The permanent paint marker works effectively and is extremely difficult and virtually impossible to remove.

Marking your assets with the Rilbex permanent marking pen is cheap, quick, and easy.

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Permanent Markers for Tyres

Permanent Paint Markers for Tyres

If you own a tyre fitment centre or a scrapyard where you need to get the old casings to the factory or selling second hand tyres it can be very difficult to control the flow of stock. The Rilbex permanent paint marker will allow you to mark all tyres

The marking will not be washed off or removed even if the tyres are left outside to face the elements.

Other equipment or parts may also require marking. They could be labelled based on where they’re going to be installed, the item number so a replacement part are available readily later on, or how many there is. The part number will likely be readily read, even in the event the component is just not purchased for 10 or 15 years.

If you’re in need of markers, no matter what you are working on there’s a permanent marker that’s definitely going to be right for your requirements. Make sure you check the surface you should write on to be sure the mark is labelled for use on that surface.

Permanent Markers for Tyres